How to increase shelf-appeal and cross-sell with an on-pack promotion


There are many marketing platforms that target consumers when they’re going about their daily lives, from the radio commercials they hear in traffic to the press ads they see when reading their morning papers and the targeted communication that they receive via social media and email.

All these channels have their own unique benefits, but when it comes to engaging shoppers at the point of purchase, when they’re in ‘the buying zone’ and looking for items to place in their baskets, on-pack communication is a highly effective way to create product awareness, run a promotion or even make recipe suggestions to boost sales.

When dairy producers Hochland Romania wanted to increase the shelf appeal of their cheese products, the group chose to run a cross-promotional campaign on the packaging of six product variants.

In order to generate a device that was high-quality and included enough space for all their campaign elements, Hochland chose to partner with Fix-a-Form® licensee Inovalabel to create an eye-catching six-page Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label that would grab attention in the retail environment.

This innovative on-pack multi-page device encouraged shoppers to purchase Hochland Romania’s cheese products in order to enter a prize giveaway promotion, as well as redeem a special collectible magnetic insert that was carried neatly and securely within the re-sealable Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label.

To participate in this promotion Hochland’s customers were asked to share the unique code printed on the Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label; and to offer additional value and reward customers for their loyalty, Hochland also included special recipes for each Cheddar variety in the Booklet Label. These recipes also served to cross-sell products by making aware of all the variants and encourage them to try a new one next time.


Grab attention in-store and keep customers engaged with your own on-pack promotion and collectables campaign now!

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