Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation


Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation is a cigarette manufacturing company in South Africa. They manufacture premium quality value cigarettes from their facilities in Gauteng. Gold Leaf Tobacco was printing information on blank labels which were then applied to cigarette cartons. This posed many challenges and they made the decision to call on Pyrotec PackMark. The client wanted to cut down on inventory holding on the cartons as well as the pre-printed labels and introduce naked wrap packaging. It was PackMark’s job to automate the application of labels and they proposed a print and apply application, namely, the Cimjet 307. The Cimjet is a print on demand and therefore solved the problem of holding stock. The application also aided in the automation of applying labels. This solution worked well for Gold Leaf Tobacco and Ismail Khan, the Production Manager, is happy with the increase in operational efficiency and cost cutting they have experienced since the installation of the Cimjet 307.