Fix-a-Form® case study: Spanish seafood producer uses Booklet Labels to inspire purchase


When Spanish seafood producer Salazones Fersa S.L wanted to enhance awareness and boost sales of their fish products, the marketing team chose to run an on-pack promotion. The appeal of this approach is that the marketing message is directly linked to the brand; and it also makes an impact at the point of purchase – grabbing customers’ attention while they are fully engaged in the shopping process.

This campaign focused on educating customers about the brand, the products and their diverse uses. Salazones Fersa S.L needed a communication platform that provided enough space to share a more detailed brand story, more in-depth product and nutritional information, and delicious recipes to inspire customers to use their products in new and exciting ways.

The group chose to use a multi-page label solution and partnered with their local Fix-a-Form® licensee Denny Bros to create an 8-page Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label. This high-quality on-pack communication device provided ample space for additional messaging, as well as extra images and other design elements.

Once developed and produced, Salazones Fersa S.L’s resealable, concertina-style Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label was applied manually onto individual fish product containers. In this case, the Booklet Labels were attached securely to aluminium and glass substrates, although they can be used on containers of all shapes, sizes and materials including plastic, card and foil.

Your local Fix-a-Form® Licensee

Pyrotec PackMedia is proud to be the exclusive Fix-a-Form® Licensee in Southern Africa, specialising in developing, manufacturing, and supplying Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels which enable our customers to increase brand awareness, enhance the visual appeal of their products, educate customers about more product attributes and ultimately – boost sales.

We provide a complete concept-to-application service. Contact Pyrotec PackMedia today if you would like to find out more about Fix-a-Form® and what this innovative on-pack Premium Label Solutions could do for your business.