Fix-a- Form® Case Study: De Longhi


A growing number of consumers expect companies to act responsibly and minimise the impact that their products and services have on the environment. Some want brands that fit into their eco-friendly lifestyles, while others will only support businesses that care for the planet.

De Longhi, one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of coffee machines, have an ecological descaler product that caters for its environmentally-conscious consumer base. In order to communicate with this large audience – which is also multi-lingual – De Longhi wanted to include a booklet label on the descaler product container that could communicate important information in 30 languages. They also needed this to be made from eco-friendly materials, in line with the product’s ‘green’ credentials.

De Longhi partnered with Fix-a- Form® licensee Arca and produced a 14-page concertina-style Fix-a-Form® booklet label using only FSC certified materials. This enabled them to print communication in 30 different languages on one label without having a negative impact on legibility or the look and feel of the product.

Half a million booklet labels were created incorporating an FSC certified base and leaflet material along with a biodegradable laminate – with the added bonus of being safely affixed to the product container.

Your local licensee
Pyrotec PackMedia is proud to be the exclusive Fix-a- Form® Licensee in Southern Africa, specialising in developing, manufacturing, and supplying multi-page labels that support our clients’ marketing, communication and business objectives.

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