Fix-a-Form™ STANDARD leaflet labels



To create awareness and drive volumes for Enterprise Foods, Pyrotec PackMedia provided a solution in the form of Tiger’s Easy Meals recipes and a consumer promotion, which were displayed in a Pyrotec PackMedia Fix-a-Form® leaflet label on the bacon range.  Five different variants of Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels were utilised to drive the Enterprise bacon range volumes.  Each Fix-a-Form® leaflet label included three different mouth-watering recipes together with details on how to win kitchenware vouchers and recipe books give-aways.  The triumph for Pyrotec PackMedia was successfully applying the Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels on line and ensuring that the materials used were moisture resistant due to the nature of the product.

“The Fix-a-Form leaflet label worked very well in terms of creating awareness and grew sales by an astounding 20%!” comments Adele Hutchons, Marketing Manager of Enterprise.  The labels also ensured that that this regular household product achieved salient product prominence at the point of display.