Fix-a-Form® SPECIAL FEATURES leaflet labels


Grant’s Whisky

Towards the last quarter of 2008, Edward Snell & Co approached Brandsmith with the intention of boosting the sales of its Grant’s Whisky.  The campaign required Pyrotec PackMedia to develop an intricate Fix-a-Form® leaflet label as a vehicle for the mechanics of an SMS-based campaign with an online entry component as an alternative method of participation.

Security was a key issue to authenticate secure valid entries. Up to the challenge, Pyrotec PackMedia devised a label that included intricate variable numbering under the base that was printed black on clear polypropylene. The security issue was solved by integrating two batches of numbers that would be used to authenticate a secure valid entry.

The result was a magical Fix-a-Form® label with a gold number printed on a clear base on the front of the label and a variable number on clear material placed beneath the base of the label.

In the Spirit of recognizing superior on-pack activity, congratulations to GRANT’S WHISKY, THE RUNNER-UP IN THE 2009 PYRO INSPIRATIONS AWARDS.  The Grant’s Whisky label was also a joint winner of the “Best Innovative Fix-a-Form ® Leaflet Label” at the 2009 Fix-a-Form® Awards and received the “Outstanding Technical Achievement” award at the 2010 UPM Raflatac Awards.