Fix-a-Form® Informational leaflet labels



Vodacom wanted to use their cell phone packaging to communicate an on-pack promotion tied to the value-added services they can offer to their new customers. No strangers to the array of multi-dimensional labels available from Pyrptec PackMedia, they requested a device that would provide enough space to accommodate the promotional artwork, the mandatory terms and conditions  as well as the myriad of services they offer.

Pyrotec’s PackMedia’s solution came in the form of an eight-panelled Fix-A-Form® informational leaflet label. The fresh and uncluttered leaflet had enough space to explain the finer details of the available services and allowed clear service related images to be included alongside the information. Vodacom was happy with the result and reported optimistic consumer feedback.

The labels were applied automatically at Vodacom’s production line, optimising on production.