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One of Pyrotec PackMedia’s customers, In Our Greenhouse, launched a new dried fruit product to the market with the aim of differentiating itself from its competitors through an innovative on-pack campaign. In Our Greenhouse wanted to create awareness by educating its own customers about the attributes of the product, thereby influencing the purchasing decision-making process positively.

Pyrotec’s PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® leaflet label proved to be a comprehensive solution as it was able to convey a large amount of information in a small amount of space. Through using this leaflet label, In Our Greenhouse could provide extensive information to its target audience on a completely new product, including tips and recipes, without compromising the aesthetic of the packaging.

Yvette Konstadopolous, Marketing Manager of In Our Greenhouse, says: “This label has been very successful for us on many different levels. It has created awareness, generated interest and resulted in increased sales.”