Collect them all! Using Fix-a-Form® to boost sales through collectables


Offering a free gift with purchase is a tried-and-tested marketing technique that offers customers an additional incentive to buy your product. When you take this a step further and make this value-add a set of collectable stickers, fridge magnets, cards, tattoos or something more relevant to your target market – you’re not only rewarding shoppers for selecting your product, but also encouraging repeat purchase as customers are inspired to ‘collect them all’.

When leading jarred food manufacturer Heinz needed to market a range of new HAK apple sauce products aimed at the younger generation, the group decided to launch a ‘free gift with purchase’ campaign that appealed to younger shoppers and their parents at the point of purchase. In order to appeal to this market, Heinz chose to launch a range of collectable stickers that featured the well-loved ‘Shark Tale’ characters.

Heinz partnered with Fix-a-Form® licensee NSD Netherlands to create a promotional Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label that could carry the collectable stickers on the HAK apple sauce products during the promotion. This innovative on-pack communication device can neatly hold a collectable item, while remaining securely attached to the product packaging. It also provides multiple pages of extra communication space so the product owner and marketing team can educate customers about the promotion. Heinz used this space to showcase the range of stickers available and encourage young shoppers and their families to collect and swap these free stickers until they had the complete set.

Two free stickers were offered on each pack of new HAK apple sauce, with a total of 24 stickers in the set to collect. The designs were randomised on reels and placed automatically onto the product. The leaflet itself was made from self-adhesive material; and customers could lift and peel the stickers out from within the blue circle surrounding the images.

Shark Tale label #1

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Pyrotec PackMedia is proud to be the exclusive Fix-a-Form® Licensee in Southern Africa, specialising in developing, manufacturing, and supplying Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels which enable our customers to increase product awareness, carry free gifts and collectables, and boost sales.

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