Case study: Eliminating logistical and distribution problems
Pyro Blog Post 5 Eliminating logistical and distribution problems


Pyrotec PackMedia, May 2019: Eliminating problems
Cosmetic manufacturer Cosmarida used a six-page Kleer-Format style Fix-a-Form® informational booklet label to carry usage instructions for its well-known brand of tanning lotion.

The multi-page label was applied to the rear side of a range of containers, including rigid pump dispensers and flexible tubes, alongside its usual branding.

The leaflet contains usage instructions in seven languages (giving tips on how to avoid a streaky tan or stains on furniture), which allows the same versions of the products to be sold throughout Europe without logistical/distribution problems.

Locally manufactured by Pyrotec PackMedia, Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels offer many benefits that include:

  • Clear, legible on-pack guidelines that encourage correct product use and repeat purchases.
  • Reproducing information in multiple languages, extending the reach of on-pack communication.
  • Eliminating separate packaging, leaflets or labels for wide product ranges.
  • Minimising packaging wastage.
  • Supplying labels on-reel for automatic application using standard Premium Label Solutions machinery, resulting in uninterrupted production lines.

The health and beauty sector is a large potential market for Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels. The Kleer-Format construction fulfils all the practical requirements while also providing the desired high-gloss, high-quality appearance for this sector.

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