Casa Lebada Cross-Sells with Fix-a-Form®


Cross-selling is one of the most effective methods of advertising. It involves communicating with an engaged audience – consumers who have already bought a product or are currently interacting with the product in-store – and educating them about other products available in the range.

One company that recently made efficient use of this marketing method is Romanian chemical
manufacturer Casa Lebada. This privately owned organisation produces a range of paints, varnishes, soaps and detergents. With such a wide range of products on offer, they decided to launch a new campaign aimed at cross-selling 12 products in their stable.

They chose to communicate this information on-pack in order to minimise wastage by reaching only existing and engaged consumers. On-pack messaging is an ideal way to talk to consumers in the retail space, where they can act instantly on purchase intent. If the marketing device is well-secured to the pack, consumers are also likely to retain the marketing message once they have purchased the product, ensuring the information is at hand when they need it.

In order to showcase all 12 products adequately, Casa Lebada opted for a Fix-a-Form® booklet-label. This innovative on-pack device makes it possible to multiply the communication space on a label several times over without affecting legibility or label size.

Working in partnership with Fix-a-Form® Licensee Inovalabel Romania, Casa Lebada created a 12-page concertina style Fix-a-Form® booklet-label that was securely attached to their Lebada Hand Gel packaging.

Like all Fix-a-Form® solutions, this booklet-label was highly durable, remaining securely attached to the packaging throughout the duration of the campaign.

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