Carnival Foods


Carnival Foods, a manufacturer of snacks made from corn, faced the challenge of having pre-printed expiry dates on their foil packaging. This was not working well for them and they made the decision to start ordering packaging foil without pre-printed expiry dates and only print the expiry dates as production takes place. Carnival Foods still wanted to use the current pre-printed foil until depletion, therefore, also required the pre-printed expiry dates to be blocked as production takes place.

Carnival Foods approached Pyrotec PackMark to solve the dilemma they had and PackMark recommended the 8018c TTO. This application caters to their requirements of printing a manufactured date and expiry date at the speeds Carnival Foods were running at, and at the same time block out the pre-printed expiry dates.

PackMark offered Carnival Foods a solution that worked very well and satisfied all their needs. Not only has production increased with the application offered, Carnival Foods also saved money by not having to throw away their pre-printed foil packaging.