Adcock Critical Care


Adcock Critical Care, a healthcare company, realised that its production lines were not running as efficiently as they ought to. In the first production line, the applicator is to apply pre-printed labels onto bottles which are run through a wrap around unit. Unfortunately, however, the applicator could not handle the increased speeds of its line- an issue which led to constant disruption.

In its second production line, pre-printed labels are date coded by a desktop printer and then manually applied to the bottles. However, the Production Manager realised that the manual intervention was time-consuming and left room for human error- a process which proved costly.

Pyrotec PackMark supplied an ALritma M label applicator to be used in conjunction with its SmartDate X40 Thermal Transfer Coder mounted to the labeller, which allowed Adcock to run its first production line at a maximum dispensing speed of 40M/Min, saving time and streamlining the process.

Pyrotec PackMark’s Cimjet 334 Print and Apply machine was utilised for Adcock’s second production line, eliminating the need for manual intervention and enhancing overall productivity.